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Designed with Your Arthritis In Mind

You have less grip, and the smallest task becomes difficult.

Those who suffer from arthritis know that opening small containers like expensive eyedrops can be daunting. At our introductory trade shows, we found that many who are afflicted with even slight arthritis had to ask friends or neighbors for help. Glaucoma and other eye treatments are so important, you need the ability to open your own medicine.
The CapTool eye drop bottle opener is the perfect solution! First, the point on the CapTool cuts the plastic seal. Then the wrench fits over the cap and with a quick twist, the tight cap is loosened.
It's difficult enough to deal with arthritis without sacrificing your independence. Get the CapTool eye drop bottle opener today - put one in every room of the house. It's guaranteed to work for you, and CapTool saves your nails as well.....

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Ophthalmologists - a promotional tool that really works! Dentists give away tooth brushes and mints. It's time you had a tool that helps your patients remember you care, and makes their lives just a little easier. It's the only twist cap multi tool eye drop bottle opener on the market!
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Ask for CapTool at your favorite store or eye care professional's office. And watch for the new CapTool for Ensure and Boost coming soon!

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